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Besides the robots, CMA Robotics is able to provide a wide range of accessories that can be integrated with the same robots or the plants in which they are integrated. In this way we can assure a complete supply with high quality.
CMA Robotics linear units are translation movement units; they can be used to enlarge the robot working area. The driving of the linear unit is integrated into the control robot as 7th interpolated axes; for this reason a further control is not necessary. It may used as simple robot positioner to permit to paint on different locations; the position is stored in the painting program, thus the shift can come in a automatic way.


Corsa utile 2-20 mt
Portata massima 1.200 Kg
Montaggio Pavimento - soffitto
Movimento Brushless
Velocita 0 - 1, 5 m/s
Programming Self-learning-PTP-Off Line
Lubrificazione automatica
Esecuzione ATEX
The linear units can be made by various translation axes; in this way it is possible to make the all-round painting of the pieces without needing to turn the pieces in front of the robot.
The linear units can be used to move a hung robot, with servo-controlled operation or with pneumatic movement over more positions.
This series also includes the linear positioner; in this case, the reduced stroke serves as non-interpolated robot movement on two or more positions. The shift can be both electrical and pneumatic for short strokes; it is managed by the robot automatically.


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