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The 6-axis MOTOMAN MA1440 has been developed in order to achieve optimal results in extremely difficult conditions and especially for the high demands of arc welding applications.
With it’s increased payload of 6 kg, it’s superior wire feed system, the maximum working range of 1440 mm and integrated media hose package, the 6-axis robot MA1440 significantly improve welding quality. This enables the simple machining of bulky and hard-to-access work pieces. The fast motion sequences reduce welding cycle times. The torch cables are integrated in the robot arm in order to avoid collisions with the work piece or other robots. This not only ensures greater accessibility to the devices; the reduced torsional and flexural loads on the torch dress package also result in less wear. Additionally, the possible number of robots in the production cells can be increased considerably. The hollow wrist from 42 mm was extended to 50 mm, and the rate of the flange to B-axis from 200 mm has been reduced to 100 mm. Further new features are the integration of the power cable as well as the air connections in the base and an enlarged turning range of more than 340°.

Key benefits

Expanded diameter of hollow wrist (42 to 50 mm)
High speed shortens the air cut time and eliminate the air cut time
Doubled payload compared with other models in its class
Servo torch and censors can be installed
Can be used in the welding process is used more large robot
Streamlined arm is based on industrial design eliminates the interference with jig
Industrial design arm prevents the invasion of spatter and makes the maintenance easy
Possibility of additional medium (Power cable, air connections, ect.)

Technical Data

Controllerd axes 6
Payload 6 kg.
Maximum reach P-point 1440 mm
Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Weight 130 kg.
Power requirements 1.5 kVA
Mounting postions Floor, Wall, Ceiling
Suitablefor Arc welding

Maximum speed

S-axis 230º/sec
L-axis 200º/sec
U-axis 230º/sec
R-axis 430º/sec
B-axis 430º/sec
T-axis 630º/sec


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