หุ่นยนต์เชื่อมโลหะ | MA2010

Category : Robotic

With its long arm, the 6-axis MOTOMAN MA2010 high-speed robot offers the greatest reach in its class (max. 2010 mm) and a high payload capacity of 10 kg.
Despite the use of a heavy welding torch, it can thus move a long way into fixtures or work pieces. The MOTOMAN MA2010 has been specially developed for welding thin work pieces using the front pull system or water-cooled welding torches. With the extended hollow structure (diameter 50 mm) of the upper arm, this robot enables internal routing of the welding hose package, thereby increasing its service life and reducing interference contours. With its streamlined design, the MOTOMAN MA2010 has a minimal footprint, enabling multiple manipulators to be lined up close together. Furthermore, its fast motion sequences and high repeatability ensure high work piece output.

Key benefits

  • Greatest reach in its class: 2010 mm
  • High payload capacity: 10 kg
    -  Enables the mounting of heavy water-cooled torches
    or front-pull system
    -  Specially developed for welding thin work pieces
  • Hollow front arm
    -  Diameter 50 mm
    -  Minimized interference contours
  • Streamlined design
  • High productivity

Technical Data

Controlled axes 6
Payload 10 kg.
Maximum reach P-point 2010 mm
Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Weight 280 kg.
Power requirements 2.0 kVA
Mounting postions Floor, Ceiling
Suitablefor Arc welding

Maximum speed

S-axis 197º/sec
L-axis 190º/sec
U-axis 210º/sec
R-axis 410º/sec
B-axis 410º/sec
T-axis 610º/sec


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