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System based on a fanless industrial computer and equipped with a 1.6 GHz Intel Mobile N270 processor. The user interface is displayed on a mobile panel provided with a 416 MHz Intel PXA 270 processor and a Windows CE operating system. The programming unit is fit out with a 6.5-inch TFT color touch screen and with a 640x480 resolution. It is also supplied with a 3-positions dead-man safety switch for point to point programming, an emergency-stop pushbutton and a key to disable the touch screen. The joystick allows to move all the robots axes and, eventually, the external ones; a USB port is available to save the programs.
Programming unit
n addition to the display, also a keyboard can be used to carry out the most common functions as well as an analogic joystick with 3 degrees of freedom for the manual movement of the robot.


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