GR-530 ST/G


Robot 5 Axes | GR-530 ST/G

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These anthropomorphous robots have been conceived for the automatic painting and studied for every application sector as wood, plastic, metal, sanitary ware, fabric, etc. These are very simple 5-axes models, even if extremely fast, with direct self-learning programming or very sophisticated 6-axes models model with point to point or self-learning or off line programming or external self-generating systems. In the direct self-learning programming, the user drives manually, through a joystick, the robot in a complete spraying cycle over a sample. The computer control stores all the paths and commands received; in order to be able later to repeat them faithfully with the desired speed. This method makes very easy the use of the robot because, during the sample parts processing, it is possible to check the program on progress and any eventual error can be correct easily. So, it’s very useful to varnish complex-shape pieces. The CMA robots are certified for use in potentially explosive areas as per ATEXAtex - norms
ANTHROPOMORPHOUS ROBOT with five degrees of freedom, suitable for painting in line where are available overhead or floor transporting systems. If necessary it is synchronized to the conveyor for tracking the pieces. Its structure and the control system make it one of the fastest and more accurate five axes Robots, as well as being extremely manageable, a basic quality for the programming.

GR-530 G Carousel version. It’s a five degrees of freedom robot, supplied with 3 (or more) arms-carousel. The pieces can be loaded manually or automatically in a safe area; the carousel provides to their positioning to be processed on the frontal side and lately it brings them back in the unloading area. The arms, thanks to their configuration, allow to perform the programming easily; they are provided of a rotation group, which is synchronized with the robot and they can be arranged with different pieces supports according the needs. The carousel rotation is made by a controlled axis with programmable speed adjustment.


Number of robot axes 5
Number of external axes 3
Working area 1.950
Pay load wrist 3 kg
Mounting Floor-ceiling-wall
Programming Self-learning
Robot weight 350 kg
Robot protection degree IP 65
ATEX Certification for use in potentially hazardous areas EEX-P
External axes Conveyor synchronization Tele-assistance ATEX execution


Movement Servo-controlled
Number of arms 2-3-4
Portata singolo braccio 25 kg
Robot weight 750 Kg
Movement Servo-controlled and synchronized
Adjustable supports for pieces


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