GR5 - PP - Management and interface software for 5-axes robot


Software | GR5 - PP - Management and interface software for 5-axes robot

Category : Robotic

Based on Windows XP operating system, installed on an industrial computer with a 12-inch color display and a USB port to download the production data o working programs. A very easy and intuitive interface has been development to keep its use extremely fast, containing all painting function.


- Self-learning programming using a joystick to apply to the robot wrist.
- Speed up and slow down of the self-learned programs.
- Program sharing into different independent components
- Self-learning programming with conveyor synchronization; the program is made while the conveyor is running and the operating speed is related with the chain speed
- Up to 3 auxiliary axes
- Interface to a loading terminal through a serial communication
- Complete monitoring of the machine conditions.
- Alarm diagnostic with the indication of the error over the display and daily report of the occurred events.
- Production stats: date/time starting batch, date/time closing batch, working pieces number, total working time used.

Roboter: GR 520 – GR 530


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