AWPS - Programming and vertical painting automatic system


Software | AWPS - Programming and vertical painting automatic system

Category : Robotic



Field of use :

- Hung elements on overhead conveyor
- Windows, doors and shutters
- Walls
- Vertical flat elements
- Street doors – garage doors
Self-generating program software, equipped with all control movement parameters and application mode, that can be set up by the user according the type of piece or the required quality. The system is provided with a reading barrier for the dimensional relief of the details in transit on the conveyor chain. A scanning system placed before the panting zone takes picture of the object to be varnished, the reading data are sent to a personal computer to be handled by means of a software, in order to create a working program for the robot. The program is transferred to the robot who, depending on the pre-established tables, associates the image with a kind of painting optimized by rules which are distinguished according the thing to be painted. The software is supplied with a online support to arrange the features of the programs. It doesn’t exist any stored program, the system makes a new operating one time by time, so it’s possible to make both simple and complex programs. It’s provided for the 3D doors or windows scanning as well as the tilting check of the hanged pieces

Advantages :

- Automatic generation of the painting cycles
- Display simulation of the work cycle to optimize the program
- It’s not necessary a technician to manage the robot
- Very careful process optimization
- Great varnish saving
- Outstanding and homogeneus finishing quality
- Productivity increase


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