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Based on a fanless industrial computer (with no fan) and equipped with a 1.6 GHz Intel Mobile N270 processor. The position and speed control of the axes is carried out by digital activations provided with an internal DSP able to update the axes quotes each 400 microseconds. The industrial PC enters to the digital activations through a bus based on the industrial Ethernet, the fastest available now.
The user interface is displayed on a mobile panel, a provided with a 416 MHz Intel PXA 270 processor and a Windows CE OS
The programming unit is fitted out with a 6.5-inch TFT color touch screen and with a 640x480 resolution. It is also supplied with a 3-positions dead-man safety switch for point to point programming, an emergency-stop mushroom pushbutton and a key to disable the touch screen. In addition to the display, also a keyboard can be used to carry out the most common functions as well as an analogic joystick with 3 degrees of freedom.


- Self-learning programming using a joystick to apply to the robot wrist.
- Point to Point programming using the mobile panel
- Linear and circular interpolation
- On-line help for point to point programming.
- Self-learning programming with conveyor synchronization; the program is made while the conveyor is running and the operating speed is related with the chain speed
- Self-learning and point to point programming with stopped piece and operating program on the running piece (line-tracking)
- Point to point programs test mode, back and forth steps application of the instructions for the check of the stored points.
- Speed limit operating
- Component displacement into the Cartesian space (xyz)
- Up to 6 auxiliary axes, of which 3 usable in interpolate mode (if required)
- Up to 8 analogic exits for the conveyor and painting parameters speed control - Spraying product quantity PID control - Complete monitoring of the machine conditions, from axes quotes up to the power consumption of the electrical motors. - Alarm diagnostic with the indication of the error over the display and daily report of the occurred events in excel file. - Production stats: date/time starting batch, date/time closing batch, working pieces number, paint used quantity (if included)

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