Off-Line Painting Program– off-line program generating system.


Software | Off-Line Painting Program– off-line program generating system.

Category : Robotic

The program generation over personal computer The off-line system is a program that allows to develop and verify the painting program made by the robot. The system starts with a 3d model of the piece, on which are put the painting points; later, they will fix the paths carried out by the robot. Moreover, the program manages all the gun painting parameters with the aim to obtain the desired color; a rendering system with different colors will show the varnish quantity in each point of the piece to be paint. The software uses the same interface located on the robot controller and it includes a manual instructions on line with suggestions about its abilities. Once it is saved, the program is sent to the robot, to be processed as a real painting program; at the same time, the programs performed on the robot can be visualized by the software for any further changed and thus reloaded over the robot.

Advantages :

- Programming without stopping the production
- Process real simulation
- Easy training to the robots programming use
- Same robot interface and function
- Production increase


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